Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

In honor of the Do it Now Principle, I'm getting all of my dishes washed and put away today. Since Seth and Hunter have been eating here almost every night, I've not been able to keep my kitchen going. I only have to hand wash one bowl and a few cups, and put away everything from the drain rack and It will all be done! I already feel like this has been accomplished. GO ME!!!


Lynne said...

YAY!! Glad you were able to get your kitchen tackled!

Karen said...

Great tackle. I need to tackle my whole house.

Heart of Wisdom said...

Good Job Mom!


Rick Rack Attack said...

Woo hoo! Wait a great feeling!

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Lesley said...

It seems like I'm always doing dishes!

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.. [read more] said...

Glad best you