Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Everytime we think its gonna be pretty it rains again. Today all of the kids stayed home because of the flu, and it rained on top of that. There was a lot of lightening and thundering too, which means that its gonna frost at least 4 times next month. That's and old wives tale that bf keeps reminding me of. The load of lime hasn't made it because of the rain, its too early to buy tomato plants or actually plant anything...I'm getting bored with the non planting stage of my garden. I did go out and find some cool things out under the shed that was my dad's when he was alive, and prolly his dad's when he was alive and so on. I want to get pictures of some of these things so that everyone can see some of the history here. I think we are gonna get goats and a llama do. The llama is already named drama. We have a new pet too....well not really, but a skunk has taken refuge somewhere on the lane.

Hopefully I will get more posting now that i have the new cell modem. I hate not having dsl!!! TTFN!


anonymous said...

Cell modem is great